ATIS specialises in acoustic, thermal and fire-resistant insulation systems for industrial, freight and passenger vessels as well as luxury and pleasure yachts. 

Ship and yacht building

ATIS specialises in acoustic, thermal and fire-resistant insulation systems for industrial, freight and passenger vessels as well as luxury and pleasure yachts. ATIS provides specific solutions for issues including the noise insulation of ship engines and engine rooms, the mechanical damping of bulkheads and decks, as well as the absorption and attenuation of vibrations on board.

Welcome on board

In the construction of yachts, luxury and comfort are the most important points of departure. In the case of cruise ships, speedboats and small and large yachts, it always concerns offering a hospitable and relaxed atmosphere on board, which may not be disturbed by annoying motor noises. That is why it is necessary to effectively reduce such noises.

Thermal insulation is important for comfort, but also for reducing the energy consumption on board of yachts. The European Union has passed strict rules on the construction of yachts. Besides thermal and acoustic requirements, also the flammability or fire-resistance of materials and constructions must conform to defined standards. Usually there are several different ways of achieving these standards, but, because of the available space, the required thermal and acoustic insulation must be included in the decision on a certain solution. ATIS has an overview of almost all available systems and can advise you on the basis of experience, which product or solution is the best fit. With the desires in the area of luxury, comfort, acoustics and safety in mind, ATIS has developed a complete package of systems and products, which fulfil all of the European requirements, while meeting the wishes of modern yacht builders and yacht owners.

Shipping and offshore

By offering a broad range of thermally and fire-resistant insulation materials and solutions, and due to its years of experience, ATIS can be referred to as the 'all-round supplier' for the shipping and offshore industries.


The intensive contact with consulting offices, and companies carrying out insulation works, has not only provided ATIS with extensive technical know-how, it has also given us the opportunity of learning how to anticipate customer needs. The production of tailor-made insulation for ship frames is a good example of this, as is the delivery of a fire-resistant rockwool panel that has been provided with decorative white fabric.

The surface layers (fabrics and aluminium foils), which have been applied by ATIS, are certified for the shipping industry according to the requirements of MED-keur. ATIS is the only distributor in the Benelux that has its own MED-certified production.

ATIS gives advice to its customers about the required certification for various spaces, and the required certificates can be issued by ATIS.

Besides the range of thermal and fire-resistant insulation materials and solutions, ATIS can also provide a variety of attachment materials, such as insulation pins and tapes.

Vibration damping in offshore, shipbuilding and yacht building

Vibrations on ships and offshore platforms can damage systems, structures and sensitive equipment. In addition, noise caused by vibrations can negatively affect the comfort, health and productivity of those on board.