Fire-resistant insulation

ATIS supplies a very wide range of fire-resistant insulation materials. We have fire-resistant materials for applications in shipbuilding, building structures and technical installations. In the event of a fire, a steel construction can seriously weaken in just 10 to 15 minutes. Fire-resistant cladding of steel structures and shipbuilding is therefore of great importance, but this also applies, for example, to penetrations of channels and pipes through walls. In the field of fire resistance, we work together with the leading manufacturers, but ATIS also has its own range of certified materials. Our production capabilities enable us to produce a wide range of products for many applications, fully according to customer specifications.


As the only all-around supplier in the Netherlands, and specifically for the shipping industry, we have been granted the MED certificate, module D. Our thermal and fire-resistant insulation products are applied, amongst others, in shipping, off- and onshore industries, the chemical, petrochemical and processing industries, as well as in technical installations of buildings and industrial cooling technology.


ATIS is able to deliver custom work and specials for the most diverse applications. This can be done in many ways, but mainly by adapting or developing products for a specific market or by ensuring that a product is easy to apply. This makes ATIS not only a supplier, but a total partner of its clients. We have an extensive machine park, an efficiently operating production line where we can refine or process insulation materials. Sawing, punching, sealing or sanding, we are always able to offer a perfect tailor-made solution based on the specific requirements of the customer.


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