The perfect tailor-made solution

Due to good communication and interaction with its clients, ATIS is capable of delivering custom-made and specialty products for a highly extensive range of applications. This is possible in many different ways, but primarily by adapting or developing products for a specific market and a certain application, or by ensuring that a product or solution is easy to implement. ATIS is therefore not only a supplier/producer, but also a partner for its clients.

Steeds de nieuwste technologieën

Wij zijn gepassioneerd door nieuwe ideeën. Nieuwe technologieën, trends, innovaties of ontwikkelingen houden we steeds nauwlettend in het oog. Kunnen zij onze processen verbeteren of aanvullen? Wij investeren voortdurend om zo ons machinepark aan te vullen en te vernieuwen. Op die manier voldoen we aan onze doelstelling van continu verbeteren en garanderen we de kwaliteit van onze dienstverlening. 

Extensive technical knowledge

We have an extensive machine park for this purpose, which is suitable for small and medium-large series. In our production processes, we are capable of upgrading insulation materials, for instance by inserting fabrics, glass fibre and aluminium foil, or by processing the insulation materials by means of vertical or horizontal sawing, punching, sealing or grinding, all of which are carried out on the basis of customer-specific demands. Due to our specific know-how and specialty expertise, we are capable of almost always offering a customised solution.


In order not to release fibers or dust, ATIS can seal the materials. This technique can also be useful for protecting an insulating material from environmental influences, such as moisture. In this way the insulation material retains its optimal properties.

Laminating line with various finishing options

For the laminating of various finishing layers, ATIS has an extensive laminating line. Products with MED certification can also be glued to this or products can be made self-adhesive. For making non-fibrous products self-adhesive, ATIS has a second laminator at its disposal.

Punching and sawing

Serial work can be shaped very efficiently by punching. This way of converting can be interesting from a relatively small series. This is a good solution, especially if no dimensional adjustments are required in the product for a longer period of time. Our specialists know exactly which materials are suitable for making punched parts.

ATIS owns several sawing machines to cut foams, mineral wool and other insulation materials to size. Not every shape or material is suitable for sawing. The advantages of our sawing machines are the very fast changeover times and the enormous flexibility in the number of different products that can be processed one after the other.


Do you have an insulation problem? Contact us ! We are happy to guide you in finding the perfect solution.



We beschikken over een uitgebreid aanbod aan moderne machines: verticale snijsystemen, horizontale zaag- en snijmachines, CNC-machines, waterstraalsnijsystemen, etc. Zo kunnen we steeds de beste techniek toepassen om tot de beste oplossing te komen. Flexibiliteit is voor ons en onze klanten heel belangrijk.

Precise cutting and milling

For a certain sizes and special shapes, ATIS has the option of cutting and milling products using computer control. We use the most modern techniques for this. Especially for small series, this technique is a good alternative to punching.

Minimize mounting errors with pre-formed profiles

ATIS has machines for making preformed profiles from insulation materials. The advantage is that a preformed profile saves a lot of labor during assembly and that the chance of making assembly errors is minimized.


Om geen vezels of stof vrij te geven, kan ATIS isolatiematerialen sealen. Deze techniek kan ook nuttig zijn om een isolatiemateriaal te beschermen tegen omgevingsinvloeden, zoals bijvoorbeeld vocht. Op deze manier behoudt het isolatiemateriaal zijn optimale eigenschappen.