About ATIS

Who is ATIS?


Thermal, fire-resistant and acoustic

ATIS International is specialised in the sale of thermal, fire-resistant and acoustic insulation materials and solutions.

Besides our trading activities, ATIS has specialised itself in upgrading insulation materials.

ATIS goes beyond the production and delivery of materials. We can also supervise acoustic projects from A to Z. In addition, we especially like to think along in solutions and concepts. In this way we offer the ideal solution for our customers and advisers.

Active in various sectors

In all of our activities, we focus primarily on industry sectors, such as the utility sector, shipping, luxury yachting, OEM manufacturers, the automotive industry, railroads and the construction industry.

The headquarters of ATIS International is established in Papendrecht and we have a branch office in Schaijk.

Our professional and project-based approach


Measurement On site: We measure the existing acoustic situation. How much noise is caused by the machines? How long is the reverberation time? What is the inconvenience to the staff? We report these findings in a clear document;

Advice: We provide clear advice based on noise measurements. If necessary supported with drawings and the expected acoustic results;

Customized product: Depending on your situation and wishes, we offer you a solution with standard products or with customized products;

Delivery: We can deliver the products needed to create the acoustic comfort on the project. You can then arrange the installation yourself;

Check up: If desired, we carry out measurements again after installation, with which we can show you that the solution meets the predetermined value.



Own production facilities and customization

ATIS International is a many-sided converter. In Papendrecht, ATIS has an extensive machine park, which makes it possible for us to upgrade a large variety of insulation materials. In our production facilities we can, amongst others, provide materials with different laminated finishes, apply a self-gluing layer to products, saw various panels to customer specifications, and punch, seal, grind, cut, groove or mill such products. With all of these processes, we can adapt our products to the specific requirements of our customers. These in-house production facilities, in combination with our know-how of products, make it possible for us to provide a customised solution for everyone!

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Durability and quality

ATIS International attaches great importance to sustainability and quality. This means that we put a lot of energy into the welfare of people, and that we take into account the effects of our activities on the environment. The delivery of high-quality products seems to be the most normal thing of the world. That is why ATIS is a specialist, who has invested a lot of time, money and energy in delivering quality products with the right properties, the right dimensions and in the correct quantities, just in time at the customer.

Excellent logistics

From our distribution centres in Papendrecht and Schaijk, where we have more than 9.000 m2 of warehousing space, we make deliveries of our products to customers throughout all of Europe every day.

This is accomplished with our transport resources, or by means of selected and authorised distribution partners. Thanks to our extensive logistic facilities, a quick and correct delivery is guaranteed, both at home and abroad.


Part of the IPCOM group

ATIS International is part of the IPCOM group. IPCOM is a successful and fast-growing European group of companies specializing in the distribution and conversion of insulation materials, with more than 50 offices in 13 countries and a turnover of more than 300 million.